About couples and other relationship counselling

Relationship difficulties stem from a variety of origins. They are often the result of 'emotional baggage' being brought in by one or both partners. This 'baggage' sometimes relates to their upbringing and or a past relationship. In these instances it often more effective to see each partner separately for a few sessions in order to both identify and address these issues.

 Often there is a significant difference in attitudes and views. If each partner is willing to negotiate and compromise then changes may be possible but it would be misguided to think that because one wants the other to change this will happen without agreement to do so.

 Parenting styles and views are also often a point of challenge in relationships

The Couple Counselling process seeks to identify and use theraputic strategies in order to allieviant the problem. Sometimes, couples leave it too late in coming to counselling and therefore assistance is given in order to help the couple separate.

Relationship Counselling is just as applicable with other forms of relationship such as those in families. These issues can also be addressed within this process.




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