What is it?

We all feel 'down' from time to time that is just the nature of things. Sometimes and for some people, it is more than that and may be diagnosed as a depressive illness.

Clinical depression involves a loss of interest in pleasure of any kind, which can last for weeks, months or years.

Often this is combined with a deep and all pervading feeling of sadness, sleep problems, appetite changes, inability to concentrate and make decisions, a feeling of being 'out of it' confused and socially withdrawn. Some people will also have thoughts of  'wanting to end it all'.

Lower energy levels and physical pains can also be part of the picture.

This is not a complete list of all the symptoms; some people will experience some of those symptoms outlined here and maybe some others as well. If you are concerned, speak to your Doctor who will be in a position to make a proper diagnosis.

Often, depression can be successfully managed through medication and a course of therapy and counselling.

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