What Can Be Done?

It is so important that children and young people are treated consistantly by their parents.In order to be effective, parents need to be on the same page.

We all need to feel safe and secure and one of those things that assists that is boundaries. If they are too close we feel we need to break out and if they are not close enough then we feel insecure.

It's a bit like climbing stairs where there is no handrail. Many of us might feel more vunerable without one. Even if we would not hold on to it if it were there.

Boundaries therefore are not just a means of child control. They are ways to increase the feeling of safety. Within that, a child if told what to do and how to think will not learn to be responsible for their actions. It is only through conversations with their parents and role modelling positive behaviour will they have any chance of gaining any sense of accountability and responsibility.






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