Getting a Perspective

The Issues

Step-parenting always contains elements of grief and loss. Whether this is through death or through separation and/or divorce, it is a consistent factor and needs to be recognised and addressed before dealing with any other issues.

As with any other relationships, we bring into them 'baggage from the past, good bad and indifferent. This will affect any new relationship. The relationships we are talking about here are child/child child/adult and adult/adult.

"Blended families" are the result of dealing with the issues and is not an automatic state.

·     Step-parenting is different from parenting in a family where the children have biological parents living together.

Management of the Issues

 Some people are in a position to deal with these issues without assistance. Many people are not in that position and require professional assistance. This is not a sign that they have failed in fact quite the reverse, for as for many other issues in our lives, we can be too close, in order to gain a realistic perspective.



Giving Your Life Direction