Change your beliefs - change your behaviours







What beliefs are we talking about here? We are talking about 'core beliefs'.

Should you be a male who believes that "real men" are rough, tough, never shows emotion and certainly do not cry then your behaviour will reflect this. While this belief works for you and your relationships there may be little reason to change. If however this set of beliefs are not serving you well then a re.examination might be required.

There are almost as many beliefs as there are people. The principle remains the same that if you need to change your behaviour then you will need to change your beliefs. 

Many people require help to achieve the required changes, unless they believe that they should be able to sort everything out themselves.

That sorting out, dealing with etc... usually means emotional/psychological issues. It does not usually mean in terms of physical need.

 If we break a bone or catch a  disease, we go a health professional. If we have an emotional problem there is no logical reason why we should try to fix it ourselves without going to a professional Counsellor.

There is a direct correlation between our emotional/mental and physical health risks and therefore if you change your belief, your behaviour will change and you will be less likely to get sick.




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