Q and A

Will I be told what to do?

No. What you do is your decision.

Will I be judged by the Counsellor?

No. The Client is never judged for what they have or have not done.

Will my problems/relationship/circumstances be fixed by the Counsellor?

 No. The Counsellor will enable the Client to fix it themselves, in partnership

with the Counsellor and to get to the point where the Client is able to make

those sort of decisions about their own lives.

How many sessions will it take to complete my therapy?

That depends on the scale of the issue/s and the commitment by the Client, to

work at the problem.

I want my appointments with a Counsellor to remain private. How is my

privacy maintained?

30 minutes is allowed between each appointment so that the different

clients do not meet each other on the premises at the same time.


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