Enabling Pathways 

Assumptions, Can Make You Blind ....... To The Truth

Counselling is talking therapy that involves a Counsellor and Client/s.

Counsellors are active and professional listeners aiding the client to work towards a change in their circumstances. Various methods and strategies are utilized in order for this to happen.

Although Counsellors are not allowed to diagnose mental illnesses, we are skilled at treating clients with mental health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc,.

Counselling involves a  therapeutic relationship between two or more people who are both working towards the overcoming of a particular issue or issues. It is an essential part of that relationship that both Counsellor and the Client/s are committed to achieving positive outcomes.

This Practice is committed to providing high quality and affordable services without discrimination.

We believe that people should be enabled to act in their own best interests holding the necessary tools in order to achieve this right. This Practice offers enabling pathways through counselling so that this might be achieved.



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